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The Donna Karan New York brand, also known as DKNY, is a brand of the pioneering American woman Donna Karan. A woman designing for other women. Modern, forward-thinking, self-confident, world-beating women. Responding to their needs, which Donna Karan knew existed because they were her needs, she launched her first Seven Easy Pieces collection of women's fashion in 1984, and revolutionised the way women dressed. A bodysuit, a fitted jacket, a skirt, trousers, a cashmere jumper, a leather jacket, an evening look. With his collection women could create infinite combinations with all his products. Karan intuitively understood the needs and desires of a modern woman, designing collections that could be worn from morning to night with simplicity but without sacrificing elegance and sensuality. As Donna's life progressed, she encountered a new demand: a teenage daughter raiding her wardrobe. And so came the new New York generation: DKNY. 

Since its inception in 1989, DKNY has been synonymous with New York, inspired by the energy and attitude of the city. Based on Kara's original principle of designing for women who didn't know what their day had in store, DKNY has evolved into a global style brand: the dynamic collections you need to live a New York life, whatever it may be. More than 30 years later Donna Karan is one of the most iconic names in American fashion. Her innovative dressing system is still as prevalent as ever, now reinvented in the modern name of Donna Kara New York. 

In her shoe collection you will find the most daring, contemporary and urban sneakers for women. Their elegant yet innovative designs break all the rules of fashion. They mix all the trends to achieve attractive, sensual designs for women's shoes that meet the requirement to dress up your look from day to night. Comfort, design and quality, is what defines their models of platform sneakers, wedges, ankle boots and heels. Discover in Tolra Studio online the new collection of DKNY shoes for women. 

In their accessories collection, we'd like to highlight their bags, which we fall in love with every season. DKNY basics can not miss in our online shop. Tote bags, shopping bags, shoulder bags and much more. Made of the best quality leather, with star colours like black, brown, leather or white. Or with the famous DKNY logo print all over the bag. In the latest collections they use chains, straps that cross the bags, padlocks and metallic details, it's the perfect gift! Discover the latest DKNY accessories collection and find the bag you're going to love this season. Buy DKNY now at Tolra Studio online.